Captain America Civil War Trailer Breakdown

Hey Guys,

We are back with another superhero movie trailer description.

Its been a while since the Captain America Civil War trailer was released online and since then it has garnered millions of views! I mean Captain America and Iron Man kicking each others ass’s over their best friends! Why not?

Its going to be a tough 2016 for super heroes with Marvels Iconic Captain America and Iron Man fighting each other and DC’s Larger than Life Superman and the Dark Knight going all guns blazing!

Lets start with a bit of Civil War’s back story(with regards to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe Only)

We have seen, over a course of all Marvel movies released till date, a lot of damage. Even though Marvel tries to keep everything as light hearted as possible, we cannot ignore the damage caused public properties and lives lost!

  1. The Incredible Hulk: New York
  2. Iron Man: New York
  3. Iron Man 2: New York
  4. Cap Am The Winter Solider: Washington
  5. Thor 2: London
  6. Avengers: New York
  7. Avengers 2: Sokovia and African City 

This has made the public really skeptical and United Nations has decided to bring the Avengers under their control.

This may make you think, were they not in governments control till now? well Yes and No.

Lets take Iron Man 1 2 and 3 for example: all the incidents are personal and only Tony Stark related. He doesn’t have to report to anyone.

Thor, is an Alien God! No one questions him!

Captain America 1: A good obedient soldier, he does what the government asks him and does it well.

Captain America 2: He starts of doing what government asks him to, finds out the corruption and Hydra influence and loses trust on government, destroys Shield Carriers!

now you can see in Cap Am Civil War trailer, he is gone full vigilante, not trusting the government with anything whatsoever.

Avengers 2: Ultron was created by Tony Stark hence putting the world in great danger and again the actions taken by avengers were not directed by the government (same as Avengers 1)

Now, I am not saying the government/UN are right, I am just, stating, their point of view of all these events.

Lets get started with the footage.

This trailer starts of with the same scene as Ant Man ended. You can watch the Ant man Post Credits Scene here.


Trailer :




If you look closely, its pretty clear that Bucky is defeated and captured by Captain and Falcon. They are trying to regain his memoirs, successfully.


A blast at UN is shown(that is when the UN decided to take matter in their own hands), and it appears they are going to blame it on Winter Solider.


Captain reminds Bucky he has done really terrible things, Bucky accepts and says he doesn’t do it anymore. Cap tells him that people who think he still does them are coming to capture him.

Enter a special forces team. Its pretty evident that these are themselves not the so-called good guys, as there are some other uniformed soldiers lying dead!crossbones

And that’s Cross Bones entering with the team. Yep definitely not the good guys. Hydra?

By this time, Captain and Bucky have their priorities sorted and fight of this soldier together.

But still it doesn’t look enough as Bucky has to jump of a high rise on his own, maybe Captain and Falcon are captured or they surrender.



Then we are thrown back to The Incredible Hulk movie as William Hurts’ Thunderbolt Ross returns as a US Secretary of State! This is a huge thing done by Russo brother. We can definitely say Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk is the Same character as Edward Nortons’s just being played by a different guy, bringing in first character & actor from The Incredible Hulk movie.


Ross wants Captain to know that from now superheroes should and would be under the government control and only act if directed by government. There is a discussion of being a hero or being a vigilante. Captain is not impressed.

We see Bucky, in another town, still trying to hide.


Ross is seen handling over and talking about the Sokovia Accords with possibly, Black Widow.


Sokovia Accords are named after Avengers and Ultron destroyed the European town of Sokovia.

The accords have been released online and clearly have a UN logo on them.


In accordance with the document at hand, I hereby certify that the below mentioned participants, peoples, and individuals, shall no longer operate freely or unregulated, but instead operate under the rules, ordinances and governance’s of the afore mentioned United Nations panel, acting only when and if the panel deems it appropriate and/or necessary

Another thing to notice is that, Hulk/Banner is missing from the accords. Does Ross still have something against Hulk being a part of Avengers?

Captain is on the run, the old fashioned way, cool sunglasses and a Cap, Widow is asking him to stay away and let them arrest Bucky.


Captain is seen surrendering, putting away his shield to a group of soldiers.


Stark/Iron Man gets a cool introduction in the trailer, forcing open a heavy metal Door.

4 things are noticeable in this mummification from Tony and Captain

Tony: Captain, you seem a little defensive.

Steve: It has been a long day!

  1. Tony’s eye has a big black patch it seems as if Steve/Bucky has already punched Tony hard.
  2. We can see the Iron Man suit retracting its helmet to show Tonys face. This is new, They have always shown Tonys suit as parts which assemble together. Maybe a Bleed Armour is on its way soon.
  3. Steve really is defensive with his shield up.
  4. Bucky is standing behind Steve in his Winter Solider outfit, with a GUN in his hand!




In the next scene we see Steve and Falcon walking towards Martin Freeman’s unamed character and Agent Carter. I really am skeptical and worried a little bit for Captain with Carters role in this movie.


Also we can see they are taking away Captains Shield and Falcons Suit.

Notice captain is wearing the same jacket and t shirt that he is wearing when talking to Widow on the phone. And the Same t shirt we will see cap wearing in some major scenes ahead.

There is a short conversation between Tony and Steve which pretty much sums up the movie

Tony: If we cant accept limitations, we are no better than the bad guys

Steve: Thats not the way I see it.

Tony: Sometimes I want to punch you in your perfect teeth.

Again Same jacket and t shirt/jacket on Steve.


Some solider is shooting on Steve and they are not shooting to warn. Its clearly shoot to kill. Is that ROSS?



Steve is hiding from the bullets behind a fallen helicopter. Notice this helicopter is the same one that we see Steve trying to stop from taking off ahead in the trailer. Also noticeable, the tshirt.

Falcon is asking Steve to consider all their options as the people shooting on Captain are also shooting on Falcon! Again Same underground outfit of captains. And dont forget its the Same jacket Captain is wearing when he is getting shot from a machine gun. Maybe he gives up and surrenders?



We see some shots of captain fighting with some soldiers, the same ones who get in to capture Bucky early in trailer. Once again we can see some other soldiers lying dead.

IFID Stands for Institure for Infectious Diseases and its being speculated that this whole IFID things happens in Wakanda, which is where Black Panther Comes in. Is someone trying to unleash a deadly virus?

My guess is the khaki soldiers are the IFID Security and the Black Special Ops Soldiers are the bad guys.


An epic scene of an eye-punched Iron Man along with War Machine facing a pretty stubborn Captain, Winter Soldier, Hawkeye and Scarlet With is shown. I hope Iron Man gets some help beecause right now he seems pretty outnumbered.



and yes not Scarlet witch can Fly

War Machine(possibly) goes all gun blazing on Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch.


Black Panther gets his first appearance and it seems he has something personal against the Winter Solider. Did Bucky the assassin, kill a lot of people from Wakanda to get the precious metal, Vibranium?


He gives a powerful flying kick to Bucky and later is seem chasing bucky and Captain is chasing Black Panther in hopes of saving Bucky.

We are shown an epic scene where Captain (in his Grey T shirt) is holding of a helicopter from flying, with his Bare Hands!


This is the most powerful they have shown Steve ever. But guess what, he succeeds, this is the same helicopter which is shown fallen and Steve is taking cover behind it. What is in that copter? Are they taking away Bucky? It has to be Bucky!

Bucky is clearly angry on something and is ripping Iron Mans heart off, literally.


If you slow this down and see, Bucky is saying something and we can only guess for now but its Not Good!

We get to see a really sad scene where things look pretty messed up for  rhodes/war machine. His Suit is all broken and he is possible dead in Tony’s hands.


Bucky listens over, feeling a bit responsible, as Captain tells Iron Man, with pride,


Sorry Tony, He is my friend

Tony is shocked,  and says


So Was I!

Right in the feels!

Then we are left with a crazy scene where Captain America and Winter Soldier are smashing Iron Man, and they are switching Captains Shield! Its a great move as Captain, being a strategist, knows Starks Suit is not good in close combat, due to his lacking hand combat ability.

This place doesn’t look like the airport or IFID, it looks like the same place when Iron Man is seen opening the metal door earlier in the trailer.


Its a great trailer not giving away anything from the story.

This trailer focuses more on Bucky than anything else but there are a few more main parts of the story which, interestingly enough, are hidden in the trailer

  1. The Superhero Registration Act
  2. Hydra and the UN are both going to attack Cap / Bucky
  3. Crossbones & Barron Zemo : The main villians of the movie

Also we dont get to see SpiderMan, Vision or Ant Man!

Don’t forget, there is a reason this movie is called Captain America Civil War and not Iron Man Civil War.

Please post your theories/findings in the comments sections, we love to hear from you guys.






3 thoughts on “Captain America Civil War Trailer Breakdown

  1. i think your conclusion that from the cinematic universe they are using the destruction as the main reason implementing the new laws. In the comics there was a long long history of super heroes, so there was already some anti-hero sentiment among the public and government, and there was a reality tv show where the “new warriors” would go out and fight crime on live tv, but they botched it up and the villain they were chasing exploded destroying several city blocks including a school. So that’s what really got the ball rolling, and the law introduced was called the Superhuman Registration Act, where if you had any super powers you had to register yourself and make your secret identity public or you would be locked up. So it is quite different than what it looks like the new movie is doing where it’s just a contract that the avengers sign instead of a law effecting every superhero in the country. So it seems like in this movie TeamCap is objecting to being controlled by the government instead of objecting to superheroes not being allowed a secret identity, instead of fighting for the right to personal privacy / protecting the loved ones of superheroes from being targeted, now they are fighting to not be an extention of the government’s military. They don’t want to be sent to fight wars for the government. Both motivations are good, but the second one is much smaller, because in the comics it effects every single superhero, so every hero takes a side, it’s hundreds of heroes on each side not like 5v5. Obviously they don’t own all the rights to the rest of the heroes so they decided instead of doing the comic story badly they could do a new similar story well.

    Also in the comics Iron Man and Mr Fantastic built the negative zone prison to keep all the superheroes who hadn’t registered themselves, there might not need to build this prison if the avengers are the only heroes being targeted by this law.

    So it’s possible that they will still feature the Superhuman Registration Act in this movie, but to be honest I think it would be better if they didn’t. They can still get this big clash without it based on trying to militarize the avengers and it would make a lot more sense that there are only like 10 heroes fighting instead of hundreds. Plus, if they stick to this just being an attempt at militarising the avengers and leave out the Superhuman Registration Act it will buy them time to bring more heroes into the cinematic universe, and then they could do a civil war 2 movie that focuses on the Superhuman Registration Act. So like the original attempt to militarize the avengers, if you think about the politics, the people behind it if they were unsuccessful, they would look to try and do the same thing again from a different angle. And all the heroes who oppose the militarization would also oppose the Superhuman Registration Act, except if they do the Superhuman Registration Act in a second civil war movie they can pull in the Defenders, try to get licences for the Fantastic Four, etc etc and do like a full 20v20 hero war.


    • I agree, I also think that they should have done this as a 2 part movie 1. Iron Man Civil War
      2. Captain America Civil war.
      I say first iron man and second cap am because at the end of civil war **HE** dies…

      Also that would have given them a lot of time to introduce characters before the infinity wars
      instead of introducing a lot of new characters in one movie they now have 4 movies to introduce them and give them justice
      Also to send of any character they have a lot of time
      I wish their contracts worked a bit different because either way these movies are going to make money!


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